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Lilly Tomlin


Survey Management from inception to completion is what we do. We initiate all projects by determining our clients’ needs, requirements and aspirations and we assist them to bring their vision to life. We use our expertise to consult to our clients, as a Team Lead for Surveying – providing knowledge on Survey layouts, Surface Infrastructure, and audit checks for Survey-related projects.

We draft complete mine plans and layouts, measure underground face advances, direction and excavations and assist with shaft sinking and equipping. We also play an integral part in training junior Surveyors, who we hope can make a positive impact as the future Surveyors on key projects.

With many years’ experience in the industry, we bring in-depth knowledge and expertise to the table, working closely with all relevant stakeholders to execute a successful project. We have a proven track record and provide professional advice and service excellence to ensure our clients projects are executed beyond satisfaction, within budget and safely.

Site Establishment & Base Survey

Determine survey beacons & establish
base lines and elevations

Shaft Sinking Survey

Regulate earthworks, pre-sink, head-frame, hoist surveys and create & maintain surveys during the sinking process

Survey Control

Implement controls needed for construction

Survey Corrections

Calculate all re-surveyed points

Gyro Survey

Set-up and check surveys between Gyro bases

Computer Solutions

Mine design and scheduling, GMSI
Solution and electronic drawings

Laser Establishment

Usage of lasers for drilling with mechanised rigs

Precision Surveys

Control mechanical requirements, hoists, sheaves,
conveyors, silos, chutes and rails

Construction Survey

Practice of civil and structural surveys for construction

Tunnel Measuring Systems

Using Amberg Technologies for tunnel profiling

Tunnel Alignment

Using DPS tunnels systems



  • Tunnelling
  • Mechanised drilling control
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Controlling direction & grade
  • Crusher chamber expansion
  • Development progress tracking
  • Check surveys
  • Gyro surveys
  • Excavation expansion
  • Survey controls
  • Mass excavation developments
  • Month-end measurements & reports


  • Integrated underground construction
  • Verification of designs
  • Interface checks on designs
  • Consultation
  • Establishment of survey controls
  • Verification of contractor set-out survey
  • Verification on civil work alignment
  • Verification on structural alignment
  • Alignment of plinths
  • Alignment of steel work
  • Alignment of hanging & fixed conveyors
  • Tip ring beam shutter alignment
  • Tip steel work alignment


  • Pre-feasibility surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Site establishments
  • Site controls establishment
  • Sinking of ventilation shafts
  • Steady brackets
  • Tape brackets
  • Kerb rings & Bunton boxes
  • Cover drill alignment
  • Station break away
  • In circle shaft pillar development
  • Shaft sub-level configuration
  • Headgear pinning steel, erection & alignment
  • Winder House
  • Shaft equipping
  • Shaft loading arrangement


  • Station & railway construction
  • Verification of designs
  • Interface checks on designs
  • Consultations on designs
  • Establishment of survey controls
  • Verification of contractor set-out surveys
  • Verification on structural alignment
  • Conveyor alignments
  • Surface infrastructure
  • Surface silos
  • Stacker & reclaimers
  • Load-out stations
  • Electrical infrastructure
  • Conveyor transfer structures
  • Construction camp establishment


  • Consulting on civil and structural designs and execution
  • Consulting on survey practices and standards
  • Survey method statements and risk assessments
  • Consulting on survey accuracy based on design requirements and standard construction practices
  • Survey descriptions and implementation
  • Training junior surveyors


  • Managing project surveys
  • Managing contractor surveyors
  • Project progress tracking & reporting
  • Liaise between client & contractor
  • Managing foreign nationals in mining practices & standards


  • Pre-feasibility surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • OTM surveys
  • Site establishments
  • Site control establishment & maintenance
  • Controlling box-cut & fill
  • Controlling top levels
  • Controlling Ballast elevations
  • Direction & elevation control
  • Set-out services


  • Subway station construction
  • D-walling
  • Tunnel construction for subway
  • Verification of designs
  • Consultations on designs
  • Establishment of survey controls
  • Verification of contractor set-out surveys
  • Verifications on civil work alignment
  • Construction establishment


  • Effective
  • Accurate
  • Time efficient
  • Verifications
  • Design reviews
  • Design AutoCAD, Modelmaker & MicroStation


  • Over-underbreak control of tunnelling for subway
  • Accuracy
  • Diligence
  • Time efficient
  • Cost effective
  • Processing
  • Result driven


  • Quality System Management
  • Project quality policies
  • QC inspection and test plans
  • QC check sheets
  • Inspection plans
  • Audit documentation
  • Piping hydrostatic testing
  • Non-destructive testing mechanical
  • Calibrations
  • Welding procedures
  • Supply of quality inspectors and Coordinators
  • Documentation control


  • Pre-feasibility surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Site establishment
  • Site control establishment
  • Borehole position establishment
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